Get Rid Of Acne Fast

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I know what it's like to walk around with a face full of acne - been there, done that.  But unlike many of my fellow acne victims, I'm happy to say I've moved on.  Thanks to some very effective acne products, I've been able to go from severe, face-scarring acne to an acne-free complexion by following these simple routine changes.  Had I not followed these steps, I would still be suffering from the scars of acne, but my face pimples are now gone, and I'd like to help you do the same for your skin.

Here are the three simple steps you MUST obey when it comes to getting rid of your acne.  Failing to do so might result in worsened acne, high expenditures at a dermatology clinic, and even more frustration and loss of self-esteem on  your part.

1. You must use a cleansing routine at least once (if not twice) every day.

The important thing to remember when using a cleanser is to not over-cleanse your skin.  Most doctor's recommend washing twice daily with a cleanser designed for acne-prone skin.  I use Proactiv, but I know many dermatologists and doctors also recommend SkinMedica's bestselling three-step care system as well.  I recommend you wash twice daily, but if you find your skin gets too dry, reduce it to once per day.

2. You must apply acne facials when necessary.

I don't want you to go out and buy a bunch of expensive facial treatments.  Really, you only need a couple home remedies to get rid of face pimples, like oranges, ice, sulfur creams, and so forth.  For example, a great acne facial consists of a simple orange peel, grated into 1 tablespoon of water to make a paste.  Apply this to your acne, let it dry for 15 minutes, and then wash it off with warm water and a clean washcloth.

The sulfur creams, such as those that come as a bonus with Proactiv kits, have been a lifesaver for me.  I don't have the need to pick at my acne after using a sulfur cream, which helps clear out the pustule and reduce the swelling of the zit.

3. You must use (or at least consider using) a holistic acne treatment, such as Acne No More.

Acne victims who have a hard time finding results in conventional places, such as dermatology clinics, prescription medication, oral contraceptives, and hormone treatments, find that a holistic acne cure is the route to take.  Not only is it less expensive, it has far fewer side effects than other acne cure products.